Award Compliance

What if your work systems automatically guided you, on how to maximize your profit, in accordance with relevant Awards?

Imagine no more.

H&L is unrivalled in the way it does this.

For instance, your H&L system will now warn you if the roster you input takes you beyond award restrictions, such as entering a 6 hour shift.

Or, if you persist, it will show you the real cost of doing that. At the same time, the H&L Workforce Management Solution keeps track of when RDO's are due.

However, if you change RDO's to suit staff wishes, the H&L Workforce Management solution helps you to do this without losing track.

Now you are in control. No further requirement for expensive consultations or re-programming to update conditions. Not only will you keep your staff happy, you’ll sleep well knowing you have complied with all the industry award requirements & avoid nasty surprises.

This system makes updates & award implementation quick & easy, saving you time and even alerts you on award restrictions. Amazing, right!

Our Clients Say ...

"Trying to read through the industrial award is a pain. If you get it wrong, you can end up paying way too much for staff penalties etc. Now thanks to H&L's automatic system, we don't bump into hassles through not understanding it."

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