Clock-On Kiosk

You won't ever go back to the old methods of tracking staff attendance!

The Clock-on Kiosk allows you to keep accurate track of the true arrival time & departure time (or breaks) of each of your employees. It also allows your staff to view their roster, print off their roster & key in their availabilities for next week's roster.

All the kinds of things you used to do manually, before you knew H&L.

Yes, H&L sure do make life easier!

How much easier will it be to be able to double check your upcoming schedule & committed timesheets all in the one place, saving the run around of requesting information from management, staff & your administration team. Nothing puts a hold on your working day than a multitude of questions by staff. Pass the responsibility onto your staff, empower them & engage them.

Staff loyalty & trust is crucial in a smooth-running hospitality venue. You’ll have greater transparency & communication between your employees & their managers, which makes for happier, more informed teams & better service for customers.

Management can be automatically notified of any staff requests & they are automatically notified when the request has been approved, saving you time chasing down & following up your manager. Add to that all leave requests are in one place alongside entitlement balances which saves you time not having to cross check with payroll. Staff are automatically notified of changes to the status of their requests, saving you more time. All approved leave automatically feeds straight into the payroll system providing even greater efficiency. How powerful is that?

The Clock-on Kiosk will provide you with relevant & crucial information & answer management queries quickly without having to wade through staff room notice boards so that you can get on with your work informed & efficiently. Forget relying on the office noticeboard & communicate relevant & crucial information to specific staff or groups for a well-informed workforce & rest comfortably that your customers are receiving consistent messages & service 24/7.

The end result - greater profitability!

Client Testimonial

"Imagine how life used to be, before we started using H&L solutions.
All this stuff had to be done manually and it probably used up 40 man/hours a week. Now, zero!"

Simon Grima Pt Lincoln Hotel