Making your labour more profitable is one more powerful way in which H&L can help you to surge ahead. Here's how it works. To start, just use H&L's brilliant sales forecasting. Choose a period of history, like, "last week"; or "this week, last year". Forecast sales are calculated by day from sales history already in Workforce Management, then simply write your forecast roster against the forecast sales to compare.

Refine your roster daily, for even greater profit. As your system rolls through its live periods & you update at the end of each shift or each day, it brings the actual revenue & the actual labour cost into the equation.

Your system gives you a revised prediction of what your end of week labour cost percentage will be, so you can easily make fine-tuning adjustments.

Now that's efficiency!

You’ll now be able to optimise your schedules to ensure the best service levels & cost savings. No more fingers crossed, hoping to get it right. From now on you can manage the costs based on actuals. You can operate knowing that you haven’t to over-staffed or under-staffed.

Now that you have a better handle on forecasting, you can enjoy higher profits. No more guessing your wage cost percentage & added to that you also get to know the wage cost in advance. Save all the time & frustration in compiling & entering expected sales turnover. You’ll even be able to see potential cost blowouts & get staff numbers in the right place, at the right time.


Client Testimonial

"Overstaffing used to cost us money, same as understaffing at times effected our levels of service but with H&L's roster forecasting we run a pretty tight ship now and the profits are climbing steadily, while service levels have improved also."

Trent Fairweather Star Hotel