Payroll Integration

The Workforce Management tool from H&L includes an automated payroll integration facility. This not only saves an enormous amount of time usually spent manually entering data, it also removes the risk of human error in transferring payroll data from one system to another.

How much easier will life be for your staff electronic clock-on to merge with your payroll. The Payroll Integration automatically integrates with the most popular payroll systems. If you want to find out how we can integrate with your business, drop us a line or send an email, & our technical staff will be able to advise which versions & packages we currently support, & which we can work on integrating with.

Now your payroll will save you time & money without double handling or entering of data. That’s powerful & effective.

Our Clients Say ...

"We knew we were losing money by poor rostering. H&L has helped us to fix all that, without stress or bother."