Staff Rosters

We've made rostering so easy that you'll effortlessly increase profitability. Keep your labour costs under control!

This simple system has easily identifiable colour coding, allowing you to quickly identify over or understaffing, saving money in wage costs while optimising service & production levels.

Rosters can even be saved as templates which saves you & your managers a lot of time when generating new rosters each week.

Using the H&L system, you can save on wage costs by making adjustments in your plan to help ensure targets are met before a single dollar is spent. You can even set default wage levels against duties which will save a huge amount of time not having to do manual payroll adjustments, and eliminate the risk of under or over paying staff.

The system is so powerful it will alert management breaches in award conditions such as inadequate break times or excessive shifts from specific staff. Remember, happy staff leads to happy customers. Happy customers lead to increased turnover. Plus, you’ll get the peace of mind that you are complying with award regulations.

How wonderful will it be if you can automatically notify your staff of their individual rosters via email or SMS, or even both! Save your staff the frustration of having to find out when & where they are working

The H&L Shift Rostering system is so very simple yet so powerful. Eliminate the running around checking staff availability when someone calls in sick, forget the hassle of searching for phone numbers, making calls and waiting for people to call you back. Just one button click on the till & you are free to get back to running your business while all available staff are sent a request to fill the roster gap. Then it’s a case of first in best dressed.

Save you time & money!

Client Testimonial

"Workforce Management has streamlined the rostering and payroll process, optimising staff hours and saving management and labour costs"

Ilia Gastevski, Director Gastevski Group